Personal Blogging, Revisited

For the last not-quite-20 years, I’ve been blogging in various places. The one constant place for it was That site started out as a personal website while I was a student, and evolved through the advent of social media (then called Web 2.0; before then, web logging. Google it.)

At some point some 5-6 years ago, that URL also became the address I used for my company, now also called The Waving Cat. So my website had to pull double duty: As the company website, but also as the safe haven for more personal(ish) blog posts.

Since I found myself using it less and less for more personal blog posts, I’ll try something else for a bit: I’ll be using this website here,, as a personal blogging space. I imported, with the crudest of filters, some posts from the other site, so there’s a bit redundancy but also a bit of context in the form of a blogging history, however incomplete. (Some posts might be broken, I only did spot checks.) All of this stuff continues to also live on the original blog.

For now, I’ll try to see if this new space, free of even liminal considerations around potentially muddying the waters for the company, will be enough to nudge me back into blogging. As always, there are friends in particular who have been so incredibly consistent in their blogging that they’re my constant inspiration: Peter Rukavina & Ton Zylstra, who both have been at it — incessantly! — forever and ever and ever. (Thank you!)

Between that and my newsletter, it seems like there should be plenty of space to explore topics old and new. No promises, but it should be fun.