— Emerging Technologies & Empowered Citizens —

Peter Bihr explores how emerging technologies can have a positive social impact. At the core of his work is the mission to align emerging technologies and citizen empowerment. To do this, he works at the intersection of technology, governance, policy and social impact — with foundations, public sector and private sector.

Peter is the founder and Managing Director of The Waving Cat, a boutique research and strategic advisory firm built around this mission. He also co-founded ThingsCon e.V., a not-for-profit that advocates for responsible practices in Internet of Things (IoT). In 2019, he co-founded the Berlin Institute for Smart Cities and Civil Rights. Peter hosts the Getting Tech Right podcast.

Special focus areas of his work have been Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities, which he has been exploring as part of this mission extensively over the last decade through research, strategic advisory, as well as some of the earliest community events in these areas.

Peter was a Mozilla Fellow (2018-19) researching trustable technology (IoT), and an Edgeryders Fellow (2019) exploring smart cities from a civil rights perspective. He is the author of View Source: Shenzhen (2017) and Understanding the Connected Home (with Michelle Thorne, 2015). Postscapes named him a Top 20 Influencer in IoT (2019).

Before, Peter has co-founded several acclaimed emerging technology conferences including ThingsCon, UIKonf, and Cognitive Cities Conference, and curated leading conferences including Interaction, NEXT, and TEDxKreuzberg. He has provided research, strategic advice, and policy recommendations to governments, foundations and global technology companies.

His projects, thoughts and other antics have been featured in Forbes, New York Times, SPIEGEL, The Guardian, ZDF, ZEIT and many others. His work has been exhibited at London Design Festival, the V&A and Fuori Salone. He blogs at thewavingcat.com.


In other words…

I deeply care about the impact of emerging technologies on society and our day-to-day lives. I believe that tech, both as a set of tools and as an industry, has a huge impact and hence an obligation to do better—not just for the most privileged but everyone.

My work is focused where my background and interests squarely place me: At the intersection of tech, media, strategy, policy and impact. With degrees in media studies and political science, insatiable curiosity, and over a decade working experience in and around strategy, tech, communications, journalism and consultancy, this is where I have most to contribute.

I’m based in Berlin, where my company is also based, and happy to travel.

I work, learn, and achieve most through deep collaborations. My network is highly varied in terms of backgrounds and regional distribution. I enjoy connecting the dots, and making connections where there were none.


The best way to reach me is via email (peter@thewavingcat.com, GPG key). On Twitter I am @peterbihr. If you’d like to have an informal chat, you can super easily book a slot for a call with me. You can find my blog (and my company) at www.thewavingcat.com. Over there, you can also find my other contact details. While I prefer email, if you feel the need to formally connect there’s always LinkedIn. Conference organizers can find high-res headshots here.

I’d love you to get in touch.