8 quick thoughts

Image: Airplanes. On the left, by Jenny Odell. On the right, our kid’s sticker book.

Some quick thoughts and things I noticed, in no particular order.

  1. Where the Sidewalk Ended: The Future of Smart Cities after the Toronto Waterfront Demise: Jennifer Bradley at the Aspen Institute’s Center for Urban Innovation hosted a great discussion about the state of smart cities after Sidewalk Labs’ pulling the plug on their Toronto project. I couldn’t participate live (I had miscalculated the time zones and was sound asleep at the time) but her work is excellent.
  2. Pandemic: The owner of our neighborhood Asian grocery store just told me that she’s having trouble re-stocking from China. This thing just keeps on giving.
  3. The pandemic isn’t the only crisis right now. It’s incredibly painful to watch the US descent into violent chaos, top-down. Whenever I make the mistake of reading the news first things in the morning or last thing at night I regret it instantly.
  4. Post-pandemic menswear: On A Continuous Lean, Michael Williams explores how mens wear — and maybe consumption more generally — might change as we progress through this pandemic: “If you are going to buy something, why not support something you want to exist in the future? A small tailor, a restaurant you love or a brand you know could use the help. If there’s any silver lining in things maybe it will be that the re-mapping of our consumer brain will hopefully have an impact on the looming disaster of climate change.” Related, Cam Wolf on GQ, “the coronavirus pandemic makes it clear supporting local manufacturing is less a stylistic choice than a life-or-death proposition.” However it’ll turn out, it won’t be the same as going in.
  5. Also menswear: I wondered out loud on Twitter if there are places that cater to the intersection of Japanese denim, updated classics, rugged ivy, Scandinavian style, re-contextualized local traditional craft, vintage staples and small/fair/sustainable labels and where you can hang out and nerd out (once that becomes a thing again in meat space, otherwise online). Think The Armoury but for the less sartorially intense. A non-intimidating, welcoming, friendly space for higher-end, dress up/dress down friendly clothes. (I live in Berlin, where the dominant fashion for the last 15 years is aptly summarized as 50 shades of black and it gets a little tiring at times even if you’re not big into fashion. I mean, just give me some color and some texture!)
  6. Daily cooking inspiration: Very much into Kenjo Lopez-Alt’s POV cooking videos.
  7. Daily dose of sci-fi: The Sci-Fi Daily instagram account is quite something.
  8. Indie mags: Kai Brach’s Indie Magonomics looks great. Available as PDF or in print.