The network provides: Lisbon

As we’re setting up shop in Lisbon, Portugal for a few weeks, I did what has become a beloved and much appreciated – really, priceless – ritual: I took to Twitter and asked for recommendations.

It’s a deliberately open question so as not to artificially restrict the kind of pointers coming in: A personal recommendation for a restaurant, an experience not to be missed, a memory shared – all is welcome!

It is in that sense that I share the responses coming in on Twitter today in a new (hopefully recurring) category of posts called “the network provides“.

Other tipps coming in via email or DM aren’t included here as they weren’t shared on public Twitter. I was very happy to see quite a few of the recommendations come in through several channels and from several trusted sources: If that happens it’s usually a sure winner.

Thanks so much for all the pointers, friends!

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