The Berlin Subway Camo Shirt

Berlin Subway Camo Shirt v2
_Berlin Subway Camo Shirt, v2._

A fun weekend project produced this lovely super ugly Berlin subway camouflage shirt. If you’ve ever taken the subway in Berlin, particularly the uber-popular U8 line, you’ve had the joy of experiencing this pattern up close.

There are of course other fantastic products paying homage to the city’s subways, like this [bag](, this lovely [collection of public transport-themed clothes](, and the [public transport pattern project]( All of which I _love_!

I’ve wanted to have a piece of clothing paying homage to this design for a long time. Now, thanks to the quite excellent service [Print All Over Me](, it has become easy.

_Update:_ Version 2 of the shirt, with a better fitting, smaller pattern print and some other goodies including crop tees, a tie (I can’t wait to order myself) and leggins are now available on the PAOM site.

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