Splitting off my personal blog

As of today, I’ll be separating company-related blog posts from personal ones a bit more. For the last eight, nine years or so, this domain (thewavingcat.com) has been my main blog, and as such main outlet. For the most part, a sort of personal one, but it also covered lots of work-related topics and thoughts. Over the years, this has related to some jobs, several companies, lots of events, and a whole range of emerging tech topics like social media, digitization, cognitive cities, IoT, 3D printing and many more.

In 2014, I founded my new company, named (and subsequently renamed, because reasons) it, and settled for the name _The Waving Cat GmbH_. This meant, of course, that the domain thewavingcat.com would also become the company site.

I did this hesitantly. For one, for years prior I had used the moniker thewavingcat online for tons (as in hundreds, if not thousands) of accounts, services, beta tests, forums, etc. In other words, a potential name space collision. Not being someone who writes all-to-questionable things online, this was not a large concern.
More importantly, it meant that my prior personal website, which I had so far kept out of all companies and projects, would become a company asset of sorts. Mostly, this would concern the blog.

For a few months now, this has been working fine. But the other day I found myself hesitating when I had the urge to publish a blog post, because while it most certainly fit into my personal blog, it just didn’t quite feel right to post it on the blog that had now become the company blog. So what’s the solution? Starting yet another tumblr and leaving the cozy confines of my own hosted setup seemed wrong.

Long story short, as of now I’ll mark my personal posts (read: the really not-at-all-company posts) more coherently as [personal](http://www.thewavingcat.com/category/personal/), also fast-linkable as [thewavingcat.com/peter](http://thewavingcat.com/peter). (Which really is just a quick redirect for simplicity’s sake.)

Surely I will at some point figure out how to filter these personal posts from the main company blog. However, what I will not do is go back through years and years of posts and retroactively apply the filter, so it’ll stay a bit of a fuzzy affair and sort itself out over time. After all, that was always the big promise of tags, was it not? Emergence.

So for now, you can find all posts – all categories, all tags, all archives – at [thewavingcat.com/blog](http://thewavingcat.com/blog), and just the ones tagged “personal” at [thewavingcat.com/peter](http://thewavingcat.com/peter). The navigation reflects this accordingly.

Now the only question is, do I tag this post “personal” or not?

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